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Putting All Your Eggs in One Comment Basket
Hi. It’s me and I’m back, but since I’ve only been back for a couple of weeks I’m not really back, if you know what I mean. Also, we just bought our first house and it’s 100 years old and there’s a lot of work to do so I’ve been busy. Also also: the new website. That took more time READ MORE
Taking August Off
I’m tired. Like really tired. Like, more tired than I was when I had a newborn tired. And I was really tired when I had a newborn. This is a list of all the work projects I’ve been doing since January: 1. Wrote Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement Actually I wrot READ MORE
Getting Shorter With Age
So, "everyone" gets shorter with age and this phenomenon is usually chalked up to compression over time. It is said that your height decreases because either the discs between your vertebrae have flattened out or, your bone density decreases with age, creating weak bones that can no longer stay upri READ MORE
Carrying Kids and Wrist Pain
Carrying stuff in your arms is tough. And by carrying I don’t mean picking up heavy stuff 5-20 times in a row, but sustained, long-duration carrying. Think carrying your kid for a few miles. I’ve posted before on adjusting certain body parts (like your ribs or shoulders) if a part is ailing y READ MORE
Don’t Just Stand There
I've been working my a$$ off the last six weeks and I've been totally neglecting my own health practice to turn around two big projects by September--my next book Move Your DNA and a multi-media project I'm doing with Mark Sisson: the most comprehensive guide to make your workspace better for your b READ MORE
Scissor kicks.
Movement classes are great because an instructor is there to lead you through a balanced flow of exercises. Do this on the right, and then left. Try this standing on your left leg, and then try your right. But, when we leave class, we are faced with being our own movement teachers and the responsibi READ MORE
Fun on the swings
So, maybe the weather is nice-ing up where you are and maybe you’re starting to think about being outside more. And maybe you’re thinking, hey, I’d like to start doing MORE with my body--not only in terms of moving more, but moving MORE of you, once you’re moving. Or maybe that’s just me. READ MORE


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