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Upper body “terrain”
Setting aside what you do most frequently with your hands--probably type on the computer or teeny tiny screen--consider your most frequent upper body work. Do you always reach for the same handles, bars, or dumbbell shape? Repetitive hand-surface-shape is limiting because it sets you up to READ MORE
Vitamin “Flat and Level” OVERDOSE
When I was little it was hard to comprehend just how big SPACE was. I knew about planets, moons, stars, and even galaxies, but it wasn't until I was in college that I truly started (I'm still working on it) to grasp not only the number of celestial bodies, but the distance between them. While get READ MORE
Body cast rhymes with podcasts, of which I've done about 50 in the last 8 months. On most podcasts I have been discussing this idea of how immobile we are--how it's not only that we exercise or don't. The very habitat in which we dwell is preventing full use of our body. When I talk about "bo READ MORE
The 2014 Health Recap
I do some version of a year recap every December. I used these "Health Recap" questions back in 2011 (I haven't looked at my answers back then but I just *know* that there will be habits I want to cultivate next year that I wanted to cultivate three years ago that I didn't.) If you're interested, cu READ MORE
Day 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11-24
If you weren't following the Walking Advent on our Facebook page, you might have missed some of the daily tips. Below I'm pasting the entire advent into one post, you're welcome. But before I do, check out one reader's advent notes! (It's so beautiful and motivating; thank you for sharing this pic READ MORE
Day 10: Log pullover
Really, more ribs for the Walking Advent? Yes, really. The 24-hours-a-day rib-thrust most people sport is an underlying mechanicsm for many-an-injury to the whole body, and when you want to start walking a lot, you're essentially adding a bunch of bounces on lax spinal ligaments and reduced core READ MORE
Day 6: Don’t HEAD OUT on a walk.
When I'm in a hurry, I tend to walk with my torso and head leaning slightly forward. I see this in other people too. Leaning forward to reduce work is totally natural, but the way we lean is in part brought about by the muscular adaptations to our modern lifestyle (e.g. excessive sitting). So READ MORE