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I have this dilemma. Every day my "other than work must-do" list includes: 1. Spend time with my family 2. Teach my kids stuff 3. Get wholesome ingredients 4. Feed my family 5. Move my body 6. Move my kids' body 7. Expose my (and their) body to nature (sunlight, biophony, tempe READ MORE
From the Bio Beat
This week I spent my writing juices finishing up a little book on transitioning to minimal footwear, but here's some interesting stuff I've been thinking about. I posted a lot of this on Facebook, but for those of you who don't go on Facebook: 1. Honey as a topical antibiotic "Antibiotics are READ MORE
Pumpkin Eyes (and Pelvic Floors)
As I explain deeply in Move Your DNA, our bodies are casted not only by what we do, but by what we don't do. For example, many of us have "casted" the ciliary muscles of our eyes through exceptionally high amounts of close-looking (computers, smart phones, iPads, books, the walls of our homes, offi READ MORE
Floor bored.
The following is a short list of the most challenging things I have done with my body.  1. Half marathon 2. Triathalon 3. Natural birth 4. Vipassana meditation course 5. Laying plank wood floors Only one of these have thoroughly kicked my a$$, and only one of these I SWEAR I WILL NEVER D READ MORE
Thinking outside the (classroom) chair.
Change isn't easy, or pain-free, or even without consequences, but still, it needs to happen in many areas of our lives. In light of the research on the negative impact sitting has on our health, how loads to the body shape human development, and recent insights into stillness, learning, and the READ MORE
Is alignment work scary?
I had a great Twitter exchange with a woman starting on her alignment journey, and because both she and I could imagine others having a similar experience, she's allowed me to share it. You can tweet her a thank you if you'd like. She wrote: @alignedandwell I've been toe stretching & backin READ MORE
Putting All Your Eggs in One Comment Basket
Hi. It’s me and I’m back, but since I’ve only been back for a couple of weeks I’m not really back, if you know what I mean. Also, we just bought our first house and it’s 100 years old and there’s a lot of work to do so I’ve been busy. Also also: the new website. That took more time READ MORE


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