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Come to outdoor school for 5 minutes.
As you might know, my kids go to an all-outdoor nature school (you can listen to me talk about it in this KatySays "Nature School" podcast episode). Our non-profit outdoor school organization also offers summer camps of different themes, so I enrolled both my littles (2.5 and 4) in "Warrior Camp." READ MORE
Keeping your body and life FIT.
Modern life seems to come with this segmentation, where “life” is broken down into categories of obligation, with “work” (i.e. make money) at the top of the list. I get it; I’ve lived in this world my entire life and for years I've failed to fit it all in. To make matters even more interes READ MORE
Shoes: The (SUMMER) List
This is my third footwear list; previously I’ve posted a general footwear list, and a winter list. In light of "National Flip Flop Day" (here's why I don't recommend flip flops) and a Huffington Post article, “The Worst Shoes You Can Wear This Summer” where shoes were subjectively ranked “1 READ MORE
Skinny Jean and Compressive Garment Injury
The news of a “skinny jean injury” hit the press this morning. This is just one type of issue that can arise from garments that compress areas of your body. You move through your environment, but remember, your environment can also move you right back. In this case, the environment is sixty-fiv READ MORE
Dear Barbie,
Dear Barbie, I was very excited to hear that, after 56 years, you are getting ankle joints and will finally be able to wear flats. However, it occurred to me that in your excitement at allowing your heels access to the floor, you might hurt yourself along the way. When you’ve worn high h READ MORE
Cleaning up my sleep
I’m always trying to clean up my act, but of utmost priority was getting rid of the mold I found growing underneath pad we were using to sleep on. Oops. I love floor sleeping for both the firmness of the surface and for the way I have to use my body to get down and back up again. But, I also ca READ MORE
Don’t Just Sit There (With Kids)
I rarely just sit there, even when I’m sitting there. This works for me because I can be with my kids while still varying my mechanical environment. In a single hour I got both an hour of exercise and an hour of hands-on play/bonding.    What was most amazing to me was, although READ MORE


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