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You Speak How You Are
Two seemingly unrelated articles popped out at me last week, connecting themselves in my mind. And so, this blog post. In 2008, the Oxford Junior Dictionary (a dictionary geared to 7-year olds) updated their text, removing many nature words. Here they are: Acorn, adder, allotment, almond, apri READ MORE
Hypermobility (and 12 Steps to stronger, more stable shoulders)
Last week I posted a couple of videos on how to become a better hanger when your elbows or shoulders are more lax than they should be. After posting these videos, I received a lot of questions regarding hanging and hypermobility (which should really be called joint laxity—make sure you read thi READ MORE
Back-to-school SHOE shopping
The winding up of summer vacation means a lot of things, and for a lot of us it means Shoe Shopping. Minimal shoes should be part of your healthy-body, healthy physical development program; this idea I’ve put forth in two books and dozens of articles about feet, so I’ll spare you the “why” d READ MORE
What I’ve been doing for the last 10 weeks
I haven’t written a post in weeks and weeks. Here’s why: The paperback version of Don’t Just Sit There went to the printer two weeks ago, which means lots of proofing, and edits, and back-and-forth emails about proofing and edits. It will be out mid-September. The digital package of READ MORE
Come to outdoor school for 5 minutes.
As you might know, my kids go to an all-outdoor nature school (you can listen to me talk about it in this KatySays "Nature School" podcast episode). Our non-profit outdoor school organization also offers summer camps of different themes, so I enrolled both my littles (2.5 and 4) in "Warrior Camp." READ MORE
Keeping your body and life FIT.
Modern life seems to come with this segmentation, where “life” is broken down into categories of obligation, with “work” (i.e. make money) at the top of the list. I get it; I’ve lived in this world my entire life and for years I've failed to fit it all in. To make matters even more interes READ MORE
Shoes: The (SUMMER) List
This is my third footwear list; previously I’ve posted a general footwear list, and a winter list. In light of "National Flip Flop Day" (here's why I don't recommend flip flops) and a Huffington Post article, “The Worst Shoes You Can Wear This Summer” where shoes were subjectively ranked “1 READ MORE


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