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Podcast Transcript Ep. 22: Household Movement Hacks
DANI: Hey, it’s Dani. Lucky me, I get to talk with Katy today about household movement hacks. Reaching for natural movement can be challenging in our super comfortable, modern convenience society. And a lot of us have very little interest in chucking it all to live in a cave and sleep on the dirt, READ MORE
Podcast Transcript, Ep. 21: Is Exercise Junk Food?
DANI: All right, it’s another episode of Katy Says. Katy, what’s up today? KATY: Not much. I don’t know, is that my first question? DANI: No. KATY: The sky. Not much. It’s been a good day. It’s been a casual kind of day. A podcast recording kind of day. DANI: That’s a good ki READ MORE
Podcast Transcript Ep. 20: All About the Base, Part 2
KATY: Okay, this is Katy again, and the only reason I’m opening this show, this 2nd part of our foot show is because I got to start the first – I got to do the introduction to the first show and I’m kind of addicted to it now. So, Dani, are you ready to start the second part of the show? DANI READ MORE
Podcast Transcript Ep. 19: All About the Base, Part 1
KATY: Hey, guys! This is Katy, and I am hijacking my own show. Just kidding. Dani’s going to be here in a few minutes, but I thought that I would start this All About the Feet podcast with a 5 minute talk that Dani gave a couple years ago. It was in 2013 in her local ignite Talk series, which is k READ MORE
Podcast Transcript Ep. 18: Whole Body Barefoot
DANI: Hey, there, it’s Dani and Katy, and today Katy’s going to be telling us all about her latest – and fourth – book, Whole Body Barefoot, which I’m pretty sure that the whole world’s been waiting for, even if the whole world doesn’t realize it yet. They’ll know soon enough: trust READ MORE
Podcast Transcript Ep. 17: Katy’s MovNat Vacation
DANI: Hey, there. It’s Dani, and I’ve got Katy on the line. How’s it going? KATY: Like a fish. Lucky you caught me? DANI: You goofball. You’re a goofball. KATY: I am. DANI: So, today’s episode is going to take us along on Katy’s latest, big adventure. So we’re going to be t READ MORE
Podcast Transcript Ep. 16: The Solution Show
DANI: Hello, there! It’s Dani, and I’m talking with Katy. Today, we’re going to be talking about an issue that everyone listening has tried to tackle at some point in their journey toward natural movement and better health. What makes natural movement hard? Are you ready for this, Katy? &nb READ MORE


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