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Taking August Off

I’m tired. Like really tired. Like, more tired than I was when I had a newborn tired. And I was really tired when I had a newborn. This is a list of all the work projects I’ve been doing since January: 1. Wrote Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement Actually I wrote most of it before January, but…read more →

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Getting Shorter With Age

So, “everyone” gets shorter with age and this phenomenon is usually chalked up to compression over time. It is said that your height decreases because either the discs between your vertebrae have flattened out or, your bone density decreases with age, creating weak bones that can no longer stay upright so they curl forward. This seems to be the general…read more →

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Don’t Just Stand There

I’ve been working my a$$ off the last six weeks and I’ve been totally neglecting my own health practice to turn around two big projects by September–my next book Move Your DNA and a multi-media project I’m doing with Mark Sisson: the most comprehensive guide to make your workspace better for your body. Green Screen. The at-home workstation discussion. (When…read more →

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Fun on the swings

So, maybe the weather is nice-ing up where you are and maybe you’re starting to think about being outside more. And maybe you’re thinking, hey, I’d like to start doing MORE with my body–not only in terms of moving more, but moving MORE of you, once you’re moving. Or maybe that’s just me. In spring I start getting what I…read more →

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Alignment is not Posture.

“It has been believed, at least since the time of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), that mechanical factors strongly influence biological form and function. Indeed, the general concept that mechanics influence biology was articulated clearly over a year ago by J. Wolff (1835-1902), who suggested that the trabecular architecture of bone is dictated primarily by directions of maximum tension that arise in…read more →

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My thoughts on the Vibram lawsuit

So it turns out I couldn’t have picked a better week to take a break from Facebook and Twitter. Yesterday’s headlines: Vibram Agrees to Settle Class Action Lawsuit. Suit claimed company deceived consumers. People who bought these Vibram FiveFinger shoes may be entitled to a refund. FiveFingers Maker Vibram Moves to Settle Suit Over Health Claims. Etc. The good news…read more →

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