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Don’t Just Sit There (With Kids)
I rarely just sit there, even when I’m sitting there. This works for me because I can be with my kids while still varying my mechanical environment. In a single hour I got both an hour of exercise and an hour of hands-on play/bonding.    What was most amazing to me was, although READ MORE
Reading List, 2015
I’m often asked what I’m reading. I posted a list back in 2011, but here’s what I’ve been snacking on this past year as well as some of my favorites. Please note, I'm not suggesting you read any of these; my taste is my own. The Golden Spruce You like trees? Live in a wood house? U READ MORE
GUEST POST: DIY Heel Height Hack
All of the shoes we've purchased in the last couple of years have been minimal, but as we transitioned, we found that some of our current, non-minimal shoes could be transitioned with a little help from the tool shed. As we close out #wholebodybarefoot month, my husband shares his favorite DIY shoe READ MORE
Your child might be wearing heels, right now
I’m going to say it straight: I don’t like to see a child in heeled shoes. Let me be clear. I'm not only talking about high heels or those plastic high-heel costume shoes. I'm talking about school shoes and soccer shoes. Summer sandals, toddler shoes, and “healthy shoes for kids.” If you loo READ MORE
Sitting (in heels) is the new smoking
It's National Foot Health Awareness month, and I've been going foot-fact crazy for the last two weeks. Yesterday I thought I'd share a short section of Whole Body Barefoot that pertains to every body--certainly every body sitting(?) on their computer, on Facebook. It's not only the shoes It' READ MORE
Soft Star Shoes: The Interview
The first (and the latest) pair of shoes I bought for my kids were Soft Stars. (Spring has clearly gotten the best of them, as you can see here.) I love Soft Stars, and not only because they’re hand-made in Oregon--BY ELVES--but because they’re light, flat, flexible, and warm (if you need READ MORE
The amount of information I've put out in the last 8 years is overwhelming to me. And to you as well, from what I've heard. "Where should I start?" "What should I read?" "Which exercises are most important?" There aren't any fixed answers to these questions, but in general, I suggest people begin th READ MORE


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