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Unshoes: The Interview

There are many ways to be mindful. Moving mindfully is one way, and mindful consuming is another. There is “how you vote at the polls” but often less considered is “how you vote with your dollars.” Because most of you wear minimal shoes, I thought it would be nice to provide greater insight into the structure and motivations of some…read more →


This is a really cool article on dental plaque preserved on ancient dead people. But in addition to the aforementioned cool article, here’s what you really wanted to know: Calculus is not only a branch of math but another word for dental plaque. Why? Ah, I’m glad you asked. (Prepare for seemingly long non sequitur that’s actually totally sequitur. Sequitur…read more →

Muscle: An oversimplified model.

I use oversimplified models all of the time. Sciences, like anatomy for example, typically require a step-wise approach where deeper understanding comes from studying additional layers. Trouble arises, however, when things like therapeutic models or magazine articles are based on the more superficial understandings. Case in point: Here is an article called ‘Have You Fallen for These Fitness Myths.” (Just…read more →

30-Day Recap

Five weeks ago, I thought that I’d kick January off with a 30-day challenge — posting one movement evaluation/corrective/whatever a day on our Facebook page. I’m posting all 30 challenges below and challenge you further still to do all 30 of these every day in February, starting today. I’d also love to know which of these was your favorite? Mine…read more →