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Day 10: Log pullover
Really, more ribs for the Walking Advent? Yes, really. The 24-hours-a-day rib-thrust most people sport is an underlying mechanicsm for many-an-injury to the whole body, and when you want to start walking a lot, you're essentially adding a bunch of bounces on lax spinal ligaments and reduced core READ MORE
Day 6: Don’t HEAD OUT on a walk.
When I'm in a hurry, I tend to walk with my torso and head leaning slightly forward. I see this in other people too. Leaning forward to reduce work is totally natural, but the way we lean is in part brought about by the muscular adaptations to our modern lifestyle (e.g. excessive sitting). So READ MORE
Day 3: Gait Datahead
Walking provides many different “movement nutrients” but not all walking is equal, meaning the "nutrients from walking" depends on how you do it (joint positions used, speed, terrain, etc.). The natural walking speed for a shod, healthy American adult walking over flat and level ground is abo READ MORE
Day 2: Articulate each “vertebrae” of your “foot spine”
In gait analysis there are two points of foot contact analyzed during landing—heel strike and foot flat (where the ball of the foot comes down to the ground), but really there are 17 joints between “heel strike” and “foot flat," that should articulate to bring the foot closer to the floor. READ MORE
24-Day Walking Advent Calendar
December is a super-busy time and I've decided I don't want to spend a lot of time on the computer writing things about spending less time on the computer that you then need to spend time on the computer to read. Still, I really enjoy working with you and seeing people collectively become more acti READ MORE
Expand your muscle model
Last week I was teaching an advanced course and I threw this video at them. What you're looking at is a pop-up book called The Human Body by Jonathan Miller. I got it for Christmas when I was eight (and Mom, I still love it and use it thirty years later). From the book: "When the ["m READ MORE
I have this dilemma. Every day my "other than work must-do" list includes: 1. Spend time with my family 2. Teach my kids stuff 3. Get wholesome ingredients 4. Feed my family 5. Move my body 6. Move my kids' body 7. Expose my (and their) body to nature (sunlight, biophony, tempe READ MORE


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