Contact Katy

Contact Katy


I love to hear from readers and people who are interested in sustainable human function, alignment, and correct exercise prescription but at this time the volume of mail I receive makes it impossible to respond to most emails.

It may take several weeks (or months or years) to receive a response, and I know you need advice now! May I suggest STARTING WITH A BLOG SEARCH. Type in the key words (try a few versions) and read a minimum of FOUR articles to see if you can get the basic info your are looking for. You never know, though. Sometimes I’ll email you right back. Especially if you can figure out how to attach a piece of chocolate to your inquiry. Many times I will answer your question in a blog post at a later date.

For fast, within-a-day answers to your alignment questions, please visit my facebook page, where I interact daily with readers and fans!

My Facebook Page

And, P.S. If I do take time to write a thoughtful return email, a “thank
you!” is always appreciated :)

If you are contacting me about media or speaking, please email

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