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Alignment Matters

I get a lot of emails asking “So, what does good alignment LOOK like?”  Well, here you go.  Have a look-see, at the cover of our certification manual:

Each one of the points refers to a bony marker (something you can clearly see with your eyes, no matter your body composition).  Each point needs to be in the correct spot, relative to other points, and relative to the gravitational force, in order to have optimal health.  If your tissue tension does not allow the points to be in this orientation, then there is a resulting issue with the neurological, lymphatic, and blood flow.   These points are not approximations (like this is kinda a good way to be) but the actual mechanical position your joints should be in for optimal flow and minimal degeneration.  When walking (which you need to be doing, multiple miles per day, to drain your lymph) the only markers that should be changing are the swinging of the arms and legs (and there are specific places those need to be too!)

The physics of the body is a fascinating science, especially when you realize that things we believe to be major diseases are simple things, like points 6,7, and 8 not being vertical.  Or 11 and 12 not being vertical.  Given the choice, would you rather have surgery on your spine, or just get point 11 over point 12?  Chronic headaches? I’d check point 20.  Thyroid slowing down?  Check 20, 10, 14, and 17.  High Blood pressure?  You’ve got more than a few points to work on, but there are points still the same!  Knee osteoarthritis?  ACL damage?  We always start with 1-5.  Adjusting 1-5 is free, takes less than five seconds, and is waaaay more convenient than a knee replacement, I think.  But, what do YOU think?

Getting this information out is essential for the longevity of the naturally free (freedom to move!) and mobile human race.  Without this information, there is only one direction we can go.  Bed-ridden.  Chair-ridden.  Or, like the police officer I saw the other day (who was, less than 40 years old), Segway-ridden.  Hey criminals, want to be successful in the next 20 years?  Stretch and use your legs and steal things from places cars or Segways can’t go.  (I’m not condoning criminal activity of course, but “the survival of the fittest” will always be true, so we’d better change our mindset, fast!)

We are looking for paradigm-shifting health professionals, those looking to transform their community starting with their family, teachers wanting to undo poor alignment practices in the classroom, birthing professionals wanting to reduce baby-or-mama damage due to delivery, and you, sitting at home right now, knowing that you want this information, to learn the science, and pass it on.

We are looking for people who demand their health care makes sense.

If you’ve taken our course and are now out there sharing this information, what do YOU have to say about the training?

Interested in learning it all?

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  1. I”ve made the leap to a standing work station based on prior blogs and info regarding the benefits of standing v. sitting, and tried to deflect the comments of co-workers as to how funny I look and safety officer concerns. So to report on my first day of this – My feet and knees are sore since I am not used to standing all day (and I have taken some sitting breaks to read fascinating work materials), but my back feels great. The UP side is that I get to stretch my foot on the tennis ball, do calf stretches, and stand on my block to strengthen my glutes and adductors ALL DAY LONG, which feels fantastic.

  2. Thanks for more great information. I am just soaking in all of it.

    When I opened this the diagram was visable and then disappeared after about 15 seconds.

    This is what usually happens when I open your blog. So I look at the pics real quick and wish I could oogle them for longer.

    This time I tried to print out the blog entree to see if the diagram would come up. It didn’t. Not computer savvy so any ideas of how I can open the blog and see the diagrams and pictures is really welcome.

    Thanks for all you do, Mary Ann

  3. Okay, so how does my post relate to alignment? Being in alignment (especially from heels to pelvis) has allowed me to make the transition to a standing work station and reduce pressure on my sacrum by working on femoral external rotation continuously. Being in alignment from the pelvis to the base of my neck allows my core to support my mid-section (rather than using back extensors) and keep my back from hurting while standing. Being in alignment from C7 to the top of my head also allows me to keep my head from pitching forward and creating neck pain, and “forces” me to use the appropriate musculature on my dorsal surface to hold my head up. In sum, being in alignment from the ground up reduces the force of gravity on my skeletal system and promotes strength and stability overall. Good luck east coasters, you’re gonna love this!! :o)

  4. Before Katy’s shoulder classes I had pain & stiffness, now the sweatshirt comes off easy! Katy helped me find my “core” muscles–thought I found them with pilates, but they were hiding. Her teaching appears simple, but is subtle & brilliant–keep asking questions and be prepared for fun & laughter!

  5. This is possibly the best educational (and life changing) experience I have had. Being a chiropractic and using neurofeedback therapy to help brain injuries you would think I had it all together in the area of “alignment”, but not so. Last year I was so crippled from acute/chronic achilles tendonitis, I could barely walk around my house, much less exercise. Every therapy known did not help. After 1 month of Restorative Exercise and proper alignment and I was 90% better, unbelievable! Less than a year later I climbed Half Dome in Yosemite. Don’t pass up the opportunity & experience for optimum wellness no matter your age or profession. RExI rocks!

  6. Great Pics Katy, I like the visual correlation. Rexi has really helped me maintain my knee health and keeps me “aligned & well” for sure.

  7. The Restorative Exercise training program was the missing piece that I had been looking for in my 29 plus years as a health care professional. I originally came to the institute with 7 years of chronic pain due to an original diagnosis of plantar fascitis which turned into many other physical ailments from my feet to my shoulders. After 3 months of practicing correct exercise prescription I was 80% better and after 1 year of diligent practice I was able to function pain free and 30 lbs. lighter!!!! 6 months into practicing Rexi I knew this was the information I wanted my patients to have access to. I am now a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist and am able to help so many people correct their alignment which in turn gives them the tools to recover their health. Thank you Katy!!

  8. I took the training, and this is what I have to say about it:

    I am an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, and took the RES training mainly to improve my fluency in the terminology of Western Medicine (Sanskrit has a limited reach, these days). Being completely holistic and all natural, Restorative Exercise has been the perfect compliment to Ayurveda, and my health practice has benefited greatly. The main learning points for me can be summarized with a few main points:

    1. It has become very clear to me that lack of musculo-skeletal alignment is by far the single biggest factor in the modern health crisis of the Western World, as it is (not coincidentally) the most grossly and systematically ignored.

    2. OBJECTIVE, MEASURABLE MARKERS OF OPTIMAL WELLNESS. Wellness – not death prevention; what a concept!

    3. Physics never lies. Neither does the Golden Rule.

    4. The main thing is being part of a community that is passionate about learning, growing, understanding and integrating the best health solutions.

  9. I heard about Katy through various clients and customers. They were all talking about the amazing things Katy had done for them. Many had had chronic pain. Restorative Exercise worked when everything else they had tried had failed. I was curious and had to check it out. Now I’m taking the training and love it and what it has to offer for myself and others. Thank you Katy!

  10. When I took the training it was for information but quickly learned that I was part of a health revolution that could help my community and family. The training was always practical, logical and well explained so I could use the lessons in my own body.
    I quickly taught my husband what I learned and he is now using proper alignment concepts in his workouts and on the job as a contractor. His bunions are going away and I have pictures to show how big they were to prove it. He also passed his breathing test, no more COPD.
    This was the best “money” I spent in 2009 because the knowledge is supporting my “aligned and well” 60 year old body.
    Katy is a master teacher with gold to give everyone.

  11. A three-year bout with severe sciatica brought me to Katy five years ago. I walked in and she said, “Oh, that’s an easy fix.” Needless to say, I thought she was nuts, but I tried some of the very simple stretches. It wasn’t an overnight miracle, but after 10 weeks, no more pain. I couldn’t believe it. I kept poking myself in the low back and butt to make sure it was really gone. I was so amazed and happy that I took the first training Katy offered and haven’t missed a beat yet, teaching at the Restorative Exercise Institute and seeing clients,. My family, friends, and I thank you, Katy Bowman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I have a degree in Movement and Exercise Science and have been a personal trainer. When I signed up for the RES training, I was expecting to review what I knew and learn a few new ideas. By the end of the first class, I realized that my whole health and exercise paradigm was about the change! The concepts Katy teaches are so basic and logical, yet we in health and exercise world have somehow been missing them all these years.

  13. I am a Pilates instructor and one of my clients suggested that I look into a “new type of exercise class with a lot of unique stretching movements” that I could incorporate into my mat classes. After a while I finally dropped by Katy’s studio off Seaward Avenue and was surprised to see her class totally full! So I figured that she had something going on. Then I started taking classes from Katy and found myself being totally challenged and learning a deeper meaning of “the Core”. Every class was extremely interesting and informational. I quickly signed on for the next certification course she taught (No. 2). The education I received in that course was one of the best things that I’ve done for myself and for my career. I now have an edge over other Pilates instructors and fitness professionals. I gained a thorough understanding of the physics of movement and use that knowledge every day…EVERY DAY! Quite often I hear “how do you know all this stuff?” People are amazed…I’m still amazed!

  14. As a Myofascial Release therapist, I could relieve patterns of tightness in the body, but didn’t know how to teach clients not to get back into the same patterns. Katy Bowman provided the “owner’s manual” for the body. This work produces the results people are looking for. I was able to recover from a rotator cuff injury using her exercises. I have opened a successful business in my hometown that offers the combination of Myofascial Release and Restorative Exercise. Clients are able to reduce bunions, relieve symptoms of sciatica, plantar fasciitis, degenerative disc disease, avoid surgery, and eliminate prescription pain killers. Those are the results people are looking for!

  15. The Restorative Exercise program has been a tremendous asset to me and the work I do with patients. I have been able educate many people about the impact that body alignment has on their feet and vice versa. For many patients this translates into speedy relief of nagging foot pain. My own chronic back pain and a love for biomechanics is what steered me to the program and my muscles are getting longer and stronger everyday with a regular routine of challenging stretching exercise to maintain proper alignment.
    Thank you, Katy!

  16. Honestly, I cannot believe the difference that RE has had on my wellness and quality of life.

    Before beginning RE, I experienced crippling back pain and spasms that required daily pain medication. After over a year of physical therapy at three different offices, each employing different approaches, my back pain was unchanged in quantity and intensity. I had pretty much given up hope that I could address my physical problems and enjoy my life again. In less than four months of doing RE, I went from experiencing daily pain to a having a very active and mostly pain free life.

    That experience prompted me to take the RES course and share RE with friends and family members. After a heart attack scare, I gave my mother the DVD “When Your Doctor Prescribes Exercise” and taught her how to do the spinal twist. My mother’s blood pressure went from 150/74 to 122/56 without medication!

    I believe that one of the greatest strengths of Restorative Exercise is the 25 points of alignment that serve as objective markers and can be applied to anyone. RE works because the 25 points are the same for me, for my mother, and for everyone else.

  17. Having taken the RE training I now know without a doubt that it is an educational program that is for every human being. Fundamental, essential, practical are concepts that come to my mind everyday as apply the knowledge and motor skills/exercises to all aspects of my daily activities. Personally, some of my health issues and physical ailments I thought were cronic and/or a part of aging were just not so after working the program. I feel better than ever-along with seeing some great reslults with people that I work with. Thanks Katy!

  18. I have been a somatic therapist for 25 years and this work has rooven to be the missing piece of my entire career. Not only did it finally resolve my structural issues but provided invaluable information that we have incorporated into the curriculum at our school. Everyone who has a body would benefit ENORMOUSLY from this program!!!

    Nancy DeLucrezia
    Director, Academic Programs & Development
    Kali Institute for Massage & Somatic Therapies, L.L.C.

  19. Taking the RES training program has changed my life forever! I used to have horrible lower back pain (at 19), while at the same doing physical labor for work. 6 months later and I’m working full time as a massage therapist with no lower back pain.

    The training has completely changed my work, how I work with clients, and has allowed me to give them the specific stretches and exercises their body’s need.

    Almost most importantly the training has shown me how intelligent and dynamic the body is, when allowed to operate in alignment.

    Ever grateful for this “game changing” information,
    Michael Kaffel

  20. What the Aligned and Well Program has done for me is to help me move beyond fitness into wellness. The fun and “rush” of competitive sports was wearing thin because of recurring pain. I kept at it, though , because you can never get enough of what you don’t need, eh? Now, I have the fun and “rush” of getting into and maintaining alignment. It’s not only more challenging, it’s a lot more functionally rewarding. All my “-tions” work better now (think circula-,respira-, diges-, elimin-, etc.). If you are interested in the proper care and function of your most prized possession, this training is THE BOMB! You will smile your way to wellness and get the education that has been missing. What the heck are you waiting for???

  21. The best part of the Aligned and Well program for me was understanding that I can take matters into my own hands and heal myself. I love the idea of not always having to look to a pill if and when I feel pain. Aligned and Well gave me a new point of view on my own body.

    The information is practical and logical! Anyone can benefit from this course whether you are a healer or just trying to heal yourself!

  22. RES has completely transformed my life!…job, career path, mind/body health and awareness…
    I have a relationship with my body now that I never thought possible. I’m no longer an inactive participant, instead I know now how to “be in” my body. RE and the Aligned and Well program has taught me that we are capable of taking charge of our own wellness…..and how to teach others to as well.

    Katy has designed the user’s manual for your body, who wants one?

  23. After five major spine surgeries and numerous other health issues, my pain management Dr. convinced me to see Katy. I was immediately blown away and humbled. After a few minutes conversation and observation of my alignment (or lack of it), Katy told me things about myself that I was certain I could keep secret from everyone, even myself (denial). Restorative Exercise is one of the variables that has saved my life, others being Dance, family and God. Katy has expert understanding of the human machine and the way that it is DESIGNED to work. In addition to being uber intelligent, she has the ability to communicate with sensitivity and humor. I am honored and thrilled to be on the ground floor of this paradigm shift in the world view of fitness.

  24. The Restorative Exercise Specialist training was by far the best thing I’ve ever done not only for myself and my own body & health, but for my clients. From the first time I heard Katy talk about body alignment I KNEW she had the information I’d been seeking in my years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor. Once you know how to objectively analyze someone’s skeletal alignment, and you have specific markers to follow, it’s all quite simple. My clients always say, “how come nobody told me this before? My doctor didn’t tell me, my chiropractor didn’t tell me, my yoga instructor didn’t tell me, my personal trainer didn’t tell me.” The coolest part is, it’s all so simple, once you know it…it’s not easy, but it’s so simple. And Katy makes it so fun to learn…she’s not only smart, but she’s witty too. I recommend the training to EVERY person who works in the health and wellness field, but I think EVERY person with a BODY deserves to learn this information for their own health, longevity, and well-being. And I promise you, it’s not something you already know.

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